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In recent months we have raised a lot of money through a card campaign and benefit auction of paintings.

Various donations were also made, we received materials and furniture for the wound room in Tanka Tanka and we could make free use of a bus to take these things away for transport to Gambia.

We are very happy with this help and donations !


We would have loved to leave Buren on November 7 to drive to Gambia via Amsterdam and Dakar. A wonderful adventure, above all with the aim to enable the realization of a number of much needed facilities in the psychiatric hospital Tanka Tanka in The Gambia through sponsorship. In the meantime we had formed a team with 5 cars!

However, together we had to decide to postpone Driving for Tanka Tanka Gambia by one year. Uncertainty about the spread of COVID19 in the Netherlands, but also the countries we cross during our drive. How is the situation in Africa developing? Will Spain indeed remain closed to tourists this year? In the short term, we do not expect the certainty that makes it possible to drive to Gambia safely and responsibly.

What is certain? We go! We have adjusted our plan and our intention is to start driving in October 2021! Of course we will continue with the preparations. The sponsorship money already received remains 'in the pot' and we continue to raise funds and contributions from companies, family, friends and everyone who cares about our goal.

7100 Kilometer

21 Days

1 Target

Stay of Mireille in The Gambia from November 15 to December 7, 2019.

  Magnificent News !

The ZR VerAf working group of Rivierenland Hospital has decided to donate an amount of € 6700,- Euro for the "renovation of gates of the men's section" project

Look at NEWS for: € 1 per month promotion for Tanka Tanka

We demand maximum attention for psychiatry in Gambia!

Foundation SMHC Tanka Tanka is door de belastingdienst met ingang van 4 april 2019 aangemerkt als Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI status).

We are looking for 2 members of the Board for the following focus areas:

  • Expertise "Fundraising".

For more information board member with focus area "Fundraising".