In February a number of board members (Lida van der Maat, René de Graaf and and Ton Appel) visited Gambia.

The main objective was to inform us of the state of affairs at Tanka Tanka and to increase our network in The Gambia.

Contact with Foday Fawla, manager of Tank Tanka, led, among other things, to a start of the repair of the ceilings in the men's and women's departments.

This in the context of safety for patients and employees.

In addition to Tanka Tanka, meaningful discussions were held with the United Gambia Foundations (VSG), the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, the Lamin Health Center, the Rotary Fajara and the Eduard Francis Small Teaching Hospital.

Tanka Tanka falls under the responsibility of this hospital. Mr Samateh, whom we spoke to at the time as director, is currently Minister of Health and Social Welfare.

Here and there, our wish with regard to the privatization of Tanka Tanka has also been discussed.

We also managed to get our foundation formally registered in The Gambia.

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Thanks to the help and support of Haddy Jallow we were able to register the Stiching in The Gambia during our stay in February 2019.