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The foundation has had the ANBI status in Holland since April 2019.

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Psychiatric Hospital Tanka Tanka in The Gambia is one of the few psychiatric hospitals in West Africa and is part of the General Hospital "Edward Franciss Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) in Banjul", the capital of The Gambia. It is a closed institution where 80 to 100 patients reside. This usually concerns the socially weaker and disadvantaged people with acute psychiatric problems, who are often excluded from society.


Tanka Tanka was supported by the Gambia Tanka Tanka Foundation until the end of 2017. This foundation had the psychiatric hospital built in 2009 and always supported it in subsequent years. The foundation's board has, after many years of being active and largely achieving their goals (namely the realization and maintenance of this psychiatric hospital) terminated their activities. After this the newly established foundation (Foundation Support Mental Health Care Tanka Tanka) decided to continue the facilitating work. This new foundation (FSMHCTT) was established on March 22, 2018.


The foundation is committed to improving the quality of psychiatric care in the broadest sense of the word at the Tanka Tanka psychiatric hospital. To realize the mission, the foundation works closely with management and the employees of Tanka Tanka from a project-based approach. The projects are aimed at improving the quality of care and safety of facilities (building, maintenance, facility services, etc.). This requires financial support with which Tanka Tanka is assisted in the organization of (additional) training and provided with materials and resources with serious shortages.