There are several serious flaws that hinder the preparation of meals and endanger the health of the kitchen staff.

The function of the kitchen is:


  • Preparing and preparing traditional Gambian meals for all patients of the psychiatric hospital and staff. The cooking process is done in a traditional way, ie on multiple log fires (see photos)

The defects include:

  • Poor smoke outlets. (both chimneys are not high enough in relation to the roof of the kitchen and the surrounding walls)

  • Insufficient ventilation openings in the walls

  • Broken traditional cooking facilities (see photos) 

  • The lack of a water supply and a fixed counter top.


Because of this it happens with great regularity that the kitchen staff cannot be present in the kitchen during the cooking process due to much low-hanging smoke. As a result, meals cannot always be prepared with care and attention for patients and staff. Sometimes you have to cook outside the kitchen yourself. This is dangerous for psychiatric patients because there is no separation between the kitchen and public area where the patients can stay.

The objective of this application is:

To find funding for remedying the aforementioned problems in the traditional kitchen and to ensure working conditions for the kitchen staff and patient safety.


  • Sustainable

  • Low maintenance

  • Improving safety working conditions for kitchen staff