Yield collection protestant church Tiel for work wound treatment and medication supply.


It has been a few months since I was interviewed by Rev. Mieke Bregman on a hot Friday afternoon. She is attached to the Protestant church in Tiel.


During the celebrations in the Holy Week, and at the fasting meals in the walk-in house, before Easter, Tanka Tanka was collected for the Foundation Support Mental Health Care (SMHC). Naturally Mieke wanted to know more about my activities and experiences in the psychiatric hospital Tanka Tanka in Gambia, the foundation and, of course, what the collection money would be spent on. The interview was placed in the church magazine "Samen kerk" in May / June 2018 of the Protestant municipality and can be read back via: http://www.protestantsegemeentetiel.nl/


The collection has yielded a very nice amount of € 900. This donation will mainly be used for medication and supplies for wound treatment. There is a continuous shortage of (psychiatric) medication, when the need is high the foundation medication is purchased and provided. Similarly bandages and medication for wound care.


I am extremely happy, together with the foundation board, with this donation and we thank everyone who has contributed for this.

Mireille Vermeulen