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Gambia is a small country in West Africa, with a population of about 2 million inhabitants. Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital is located in Sukuta in western Gambia, a 25-minute drive from EFSTH Hospital in Banjul.

Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital (TTPH) offers specialist clinical care to patients with psychiatric problems, regardless of their gender, orientation, religion, nationality or origin.

The target group concerns people living in The Gambia who are in an acute psychiatric crisis where clinical help is needed.

Mood disorders (depression and mania), psychotic disorders (including schizophrenia) and addiction problems are treated, among other things. Many psychiatric complaints are related to drug use.

People with intellectual disabilities (whether or not in combination with psychiatry) are also included. In addition, people are admitted whose psychiatric problems are not yet completely clear.

The minimum age for clinical admission is sixteen years.

Tanka Tanka is part of the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) in Banjul. EFSTH has only recently become a Teaching Hospital, it has started to train students. It has 540 beds and is mainly financed by the government. Wages in the hospital are low compared to those in richer countries and the supply of services is limited. This is due to the limited financial resources of the government. The Psychiatric Hospital Tanka Tanka receives food, medication and employee salaries from the EFSTH hospital in Banjul.

All other costs such as accommodation, retraining, maintenance of the buildings and therapies must be paid by the Tanka Tanka hospital itself. In addition, there is often insufficient money for medicines and food. The patients do not pay a personal contribution.


The Gambia Tanka Tanka Foundation was established in 1999. The purpose of this foundation was to put psychiatry in the Gambia on the map. It had the Psychiatric Hospital Tanka Tanka built with financial resources. In this hospital there is room for eighty to a hundred patients. The driving force behind this hospital is Anna Bouman. The foundation has worked for years to offer the Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital the right to exist. This has been achieved and has the recognition of the government. At the end of 2017, this Foundation decided to cancel because the aforementioned objective has been achieved.


Shortly thereafter, a new foundation appeared to continue the above work. The Foundation Support Mental Health Care Tanka Tanka (FSMHCTT) was established on March 20, 2018 and aims to support the psychiatric hospital Tanka Tanka in the broadest sense of the word.



The foundation tries to achieve its goal by:

  • Transferring knowledge and expertise with regard to care, management and facilities

  • Fundraising

  • Attracting sponsors

  • Organizing promotional events, activities and / or meetings

  • Providing information, among others through the use of various available forms of media

  • Working together with various organizations and institutions

  • Making or having performed all further actions that are related to the foregoing in the broadest sense or in the opinion of the board are conducive, useful and / or desirable.


  • An important principle of the foundation is that it focuses on providing help on the basis of the demands of the management and the employees of the psychiatric hospital Tanka Tanka.

  • The government's Mental Health program or The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare will be leading

  • The projects are sustainable and inspiring.



The target group that the foundation focuses on includes patients and employees of the psychiatric hospital Tanka Tanka.


Members of the foundation regularly travel to Gambia at their own expense.

As a result, the bond with the employees and the problems of the psychiatric hospital Tanka Tanka is great.

Cooperation partners in improving psychiatric care in Gambia are:

  • Mental Health Project from Mobee Gambia. This is a small Mental Home with 20 beds supported by a British mental health group that provides services to less serious psychiatric patients. A 24-hour crisis center is being set up as an alternative to admission to Tanka Tanka.

  • Mental Health Innovation Network (MHIN): This is an online platform for innovators in African mental health care, researchers, practitioners, policy makers and advocates.

  • Global Initiative on Psychiatry (GIP) makes an important contribution to the improvement of psychiatric care in developing countries. GIP uses a local approach to help the mentally ill in disadvantaged countries around the world.

  • Better Future is a Dutch company that provides leadership training and combines this with development work in, among others, Gambia.

  • The foundation is affiliated with the United Foundations Gambia (VSG)

  • There is contact with the organization of the newly to be established judicial clinic in Gambia


A sponsoring committee has been set up within the foundation, consisting of three members: the chairman, the treasurer and a general member. The sponsoring committee is the key to generating resources for the psychiatric hospital Tanka Tanka. It monitors policy both internally and externally. This committee is aware of all agreements and promotions.



  • Donations (including legacies) are donated to the FSMHCTT. There is no lower limit to donations with regard to the donated amount.

  • As a donor it is possible to become Friend of the FSMHCTT for a minimum donated amount.

  • Sponsors conclude a business agreement with the FSMHCTT. The agreement is entered into for the duration of an activity / project or for a minimum of one year. Sponsoring is possible from 100, - Euro excluding VAT per year. Sponsoring in kind is also possible (for example, delivery of a PC).

The following is recorded in the sponsorship agreement:

  • The project to be sponsored with the objective

  • The financial obligations of the sponsor

  • The term The implementation agreements

  • The implementation agreements are managed by the sponsor committee. A sponsorship agreement is only valid after approval from the sponsorship committee and after the treasurer's signature.


  • The Foundation is supported in fundraising by: www.fondswervingonline.nl.

  • All applications are assessed on F.I.E.T.S. criteria (Financial, Institutional, Environment and Climate, Technical and Social).

ANBI status:

  • The ANBI status for the foundation is requested.


April 3, 2019