All the ceilings of the entire complex are in very poor condition, some ceilings are about to collapse, in a dormitory of the men's wing the entire ceiling has even come down so that this room cannot be used anymore.


Cause of the very poor condition of the ceilings are:

  • Inadequate materials used during construction (suspension and fixing to the rafters)

  • Insufficient framework with regard to the ceiling plate format

  • Format ceiling plate

  • Fixing method ceiling plates (nailed)

  • Climate in The Gambia (high temperatures and very humid months in the year)

  • As a result, many lighting fixtures are defective and irreparably damaged, so that rooms can no longer be illuminated. (In The Gambia there is about 13 hours of daylight and 11 hours of darkness)


The objective of this project is:

To arrange financing, so that the ceilings and lighting fixtures can be replaced and the safety of patients and staff can be guaranteed.



  • Sustainable

  • Must be able to withstand some violence (patients can show uncontrolled behavior)

  • Low maintenance

  • Low-energy (LED) lighting. Only installation is suitable for the target group. (Preferably a cover of the light source with polycarbonate)

Provisional estimate per dormitory is estimated at € 1750