The very poor condition of the fencing of the male wing, which in the meantime has been partly broken down by patients and in some places even completely missing.

The function of the fence is:

  • Separation between the men's and women's wings

  • Safety for nursing and monitoring staff and patients

  • Preventing patients from leaving the hospital at night. Although the hospital is surrounded with high walls, patients sometimes have the opportunity to climb over it.


The cause of the very poor state of fencing of the men's wing is:


  • Inadequate materials used during construction (including wall thickness bars, fixing)

  • Climate in Gambia (high temperatures and number of months per year very humid)

  • Insufficient maintenance (Patients were able to bend the fences in such a way that they were eventually broken down As a result, it happens with great regularity that patients escape, women are harassed from the women's wing and staff feel unsafe. The nature of the patient population (closed institution) requires a separation regime during the evening and night.

The objective of this project is:

To arrange financing, so that the fencing can be replaced and adjusted and thus the safety of patients and staff can be guaranteed for replacing the fencing, as a result of which the aforementioned problems can be solved and safe patient care can be offered.




  • Sustainable

  • Low maintenance



GMD 363,101.37 (Gambian Currency Unit Dalasi) EURO 6724.10 (calculation rate € 1.00 is 54 Dalasi) This amount was established on the basis of an open budget (calculation) of a (Dutch) contractor in The Gambia